What’s Your Number? Box



We take CBD very personal! An individual’s daily dose or milligrams may not be the same as that of someone else. Old West Organics What’s Your Number? box is designed to help you discover the correct daily dose of CBD which is right for you.


The process is simple: Take one (1) 60mg shot one hour before bedtime for three (3) consecutive nights.


Next, observe the following: How did you sleep? Did you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day? Were you drowsy and found it hard to get started? If you are taking CBD for any type of aches or pains etc., did you feel an improvement?


Did you feel that the CBD:

____ Helped somewhat

____ Worked great

____ Or didn’t notice any change at all


Once you have completed your three-day program, we will contact you to discuss your results. If 60 mg worked for you, we will make a special 30 day supply product of your preferred delivery/dispensary method of your choice. If it helped somewhat or you didn’t notice any change, then we will continue the What’s Your Number? program, providing you with slightly higher CBD levels until we find your number!

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